Plumbing Design

This webpage includes articles from a wide range of sources on plumbing design impacts related to Legionella growth risk. The Recommended section includes documents recommended as useful tools for those interested to read and understand. The Not Recommended section includes documents that provide information that is significantly either poor guidance, not cost effective guidance or just flat out wrong guidance.


Legionella Series in Plumbing Engineer magazine by Tim Keane and Gary Klein

Cost-effective control of this Serious Pathogen Part 1 – June 2021

This is the first article in a series of articles about Legionella published in Plumbing Engineer magazine written by Gary Klein and Tim Keane. This series is intended to provide practical guidance for plumbing system designers and operators on cost-effective methods for controlling waterborne pathogens.

Cost-effective control of this Serious Pathogen Part 2 – August 2021

Hot Water System Design Series in Plumbing Engineer magazine by Peter Skinner and Gary Klein

Netzero multifamily hot water production and distribution, February 2020
The leading edge of plumbing optimization.

Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Hot Water Hybrid, March 2020
Cold climate NetZero multifamily complex

Where Did All the Pressure Go?, April 2020
Small is beautiful – but choose wisely.

Haste Makes NO Waste, May 2020
What people want from their hot water system

On the Road to Practically Perfect Plumbing, June 2020
Fast hot water arrival time with low pressure drop

Insulate ‘dem pipes – Please!, July 2020
Hot water pipes are long radiators

Practically Perfect Plumbing in Multifamily, September 2020

Not Recommended

As Infection Control Increases Building Water Temperature, Scalding Prevention Takes Center Stage Plumbing engineers will need to shift from central temperature control applications to point-of-use control, March 2021

Based on my two decades of field investigations there is almost nothing in this article that I agree with. The temperatures listed in this article do not agree with published temperatures in ASHRAE Guideline 12 or IAPMO Appendix N. Unfortunately, there is too much information published, too much literature available where a well intentioned engineer could be easily misled by incorrect or biased guidance. This article in Plumbing Engineer magazine is a good example of one factor leading to increased issues with Legionella in building water systems.