Articles on Legionnaires’ disease

Water Treatment and Disinfection Methods

Chart comparing varying biocides with regard to controlling legionella in potable water 
Chart published by Johns Hopkins Hospital

Chart by Infectious Disease Section, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System comparing varying biocides with regard to controlling legionella in process water and potable water

Evaluation of Chlorine Dioxide in Potable Water Systems for Legionella Control in an Acute Care Environment
Paper presented at the International Water Conference (IWC) was the result of a 5 year study at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Paper coauthored by Tim Keane. Tim Keane was under a consulting contract with Johns Hopkins during the entire project. 

Chlorine dioxide water treatment – for hot and cold water services [TN 2/98]
Report completed by BSRIA a UK testing organization. It is a very comprehensive engineering study by industrial experts on the use of chlorine dioxide in disinfection of potable water systems. 

Healthcare Industry

Hospitals at Risk for Waterborne Disease(PDF)
Health Leaders Media – August 2010 by Evan Sweeney

Waterborne Diseases Could Cost over $500 Million Annually in U.S.
CDC Press Release – July 2010

A Technical Perspective on Controlling Legionella in Building Water Systems(PDF)
Hospital Engineering & Facilities Management – January 2003 Coauthor Tim Keane 

Water Watch – A Look at water quality recommendations + requirements 
Health Facilities Management Magazine January 2004 Author Tim Keane

Injection Molding Industry

Legionnaires’ Disease Risk for Workers in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry 
OSHA Hazard Information Bulletins 1998

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