Why I resigned from ASHRAE 188

(How one ASHRAE staff member, Jeff Littleton, almost singlehandedly overruled near unanimous ASHRAE 188 committee vote to exclude HACCP)

LETTER To ASHRAE Board ExCom Termination Of NSF MOU 4 30 18

Tim Keane ASHRAE Resignation Letter 5 21 18

Supporting Documents

ASHRAE Executive Committee Minutes

ASHRAE ExCom-Minutes-2015-June-27—July-1 NSF MOU

ASHRAE ExCom-Open-Session-Minutes 2018-April-18-20

Original ASHRAE / NSFi MOU and supporting announcements



NSF to Develop New Health Standard to Combat Legionnaires’ Disease https://www.water-technology.net/contractors/wastewater/nsf-international-global-testing/pressreleases/pressnew-legionnaires-health-standard 

PHCP magazine article nsf-ashrae-sign-agreement https://www.phcppros.com/articles/2689-nsf-ashrae-sign-agreement-to-advance-knowledge-of-building-water-systems

All Government and Industry organizations resign from NSFi444 except ASHRAE and EPA

NSFi 444 Resignation Letter CDC Director Rima Khabbaz 5 29 18

NSFi 444 Resignation Letter CDC Matt Arduino 5 30 2018

NSFi 444 Resignation Letter VA Gamage 5 30 2018

ASHRAE Staff and Board supports flailing NSFi 444 calling it ASHRAE Standard 514

PM Engineer article ASHRAE and NSF to present joint water management standard agreement https://www.pmengineer.com/articles/94069-ashrae-and-nsf-to-present-joint-water-management-standard-agreement